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LeGer by Lena Gercke is a Berlin based fashion brand with the aim of empowering women through fashion and creating an inspiring and supportive community. Timeless designs and modern trend pieces make the brand what it is. Founder and CEO of the brand Lena Gercke founded the personal brand in 2017 with the idea of ​​creating fashion that should give you the opportunity to express yourself freely while feeling confident and comfortable.

"I want to encourage women to use fashion to express their feelings and inspire others. For me, fashion is more than just clothes - it is an expression of our personality and a way to feel confident and unique. Every piece of clothing in my collection is carefully crafted selected and designed to accompany women in their everyday lives and give them a feeling of strength and self-confidence. I hope that Leger by Lena Gercke inspires women to celebrate their individuality and to feel comfortable in their own skin."

LENA GERCKE Founder, CEO & Model